New Year, New Site, Who Dis?

2 mins

This year I have decided to embark on the adventure of blogging about my experiences and things I learn as I build software for the web. Doing so requires a platform, hence the design and deployment of this brand new site.

Before you ask, yes this site design is heavily inspired by Yehuda Katz’s Site, I quit pretending I was a designer a long time ago.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.

-Oscar Wilde

That being said, I am new to this whole blogging thing. It would be remiss of me to proceed without warning my audience that grammar and spelling are not my strongest traits. Definitely expect a grammatical error or two-hundred, however, if we can get past that aspect of blogging I will be excited to share the developer experience with the internet.

Who the heck are you, and why in the world would I be interested in what you have to say?

-You The Reader


I am a self-taught software engineer from New Braunfels, TX. Currently, I sun-light at a company called Moxie Software in Austin, TX. I have been building things on the web for about 14 years with a primary focus on projects with Angular 1.x, Vue, and my personal favorite Ruby On Rails. I’ve had past experience working on C#, Visual Basic, and SQL projects as well. Recently I’ve begun playing with Electron for fun, and NLP projects for work specifically focused on Topic Modeling and Recommender Systems. I’m sure we’ll discuss that in more detail in later posts.

A Purpose and Goals

Documentation has always been a pain point for software developers. I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve found the answer to some obscure Angular issue via some other developers blog. I’ve come to realize when technical documentation isn’t up to snuff or sometimes even when it is, we tend to rely on the experience of other developers to help us out with our day to day issues. So that’s the purpose here, in a nutshell, simply to be another facet of experience that you may stumble across in your google search that hopefully help you out.

I’d like to write a post on here once a week. Bear in mind this is neither a promise nor a limitation. This month, in particular, I believe I will have plenty to write about. Tomorrow I onboard a new hire at Moxie, and the week after that I’m headed to Austin Data Day which is an annually held NLP and AI convention.

So with that, I’ll sign off and deploy this site. I have a few kinks to iron out on the site still which I will be updating as I find the time to do so. I plan to implement some form of feedback system eventually, but for now feel free to reach out to me via Twitter.